Warehouse complex of the company occupies the area of 13 000 m² (7 m high racks,
a rack system consists of 7000 pallet places for euro-pallets) and contains the following:

  • logistics warehouses (operational temperature range from +5C to +15C);
  • customs bonded warehouse offers storage for non EU-status goods, purchase

and sale operations, re-execution of documents. Customs bonded warehouse and an open customs outdoor site occupy the area of 1650 m² and 7000 m² respectively;

  • import/export terminal that provides temporary storage of imported/exported and transit cargo.

Extra services related to warehousing:

  • powered and manual loading, weighing;
  • sorting, packing, repacking, completing of goods, preparing of consignments;
  • marking, labelling;
  • accounting of the goods warehoused;
  • accounting of commodity flows in the warehouse and reports on the performed operations.

We offer storage of mineral products, chemical production, prepacked non-perishable foodstuffs, plastic, timber, textile, footwear, artificial bijouterie, metals, transport vehicles, industrial goods. Warehouses are furnished with modern loading equipment, state-of-the-art safety, heating, ventilation, fire safety and telecommunication systems that are in compliance with the latest EU standards (according to the rate of fires, warehouses are classified as C); in warehouses,
the high-quality warehouse management system “Vision 5” by “Equinox Europe” has been installed.
Enclosed and illuminated logistics centre territory protected for 24 hours ensures security of the property stored. Total area of the company territory is 5 ha; close to the warehouses, open parking lots for cargo trucks, motorcars and semitrailers are available that are also convenient for storage of various equipment and oversized cargo.

Domestic cargo carriage

Domestic cargo carriage
Cargo collection and delivery to the end consignee in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
The own fleet (curtain-sided trucks up to 8 tons) of UAB “Autosabina logistics” ensures reliable
and fast collection and distribution of cargo all over the Baltic States.

International cargo carriage
Fast and safe carriage of fully assembled and partial goods to/from EU countries,
Russia, Belarus, Kaliningrad region. Long-term cooperation with reliable partners
in foreign countries ensures perfect quality of our services.

Services of customs brokers
  • preparation of export/import and transit documents;

  • representation of the customer for declaration of goods at the customs;

  • re-execution of customs documents;

  • filling-in of “Intrastat” reports and submission thereof to the customs;

  • consulting on customs procedures;

  • provision of warranties for customs procedures.

Experienced customs brokers of our company as well as the customs warehouse and customs post
available in the territory of the logistics centre provide responsive and top-quality service to
Integrated logistics solutions (3 pl)


  • order processing management;
  • accounting of the goods warehoused;
  • consignment formation;
  • preparation of cargo carriage documents;
  • cargo distribution in Lithuania and all over the Baltic States.


  • no mistakes in development and management of storage and transportation resources;
  • shorter time limit for distribution of goods;
  • possibility to control the stocks of goods available at the warehouse;
  • if you trust logistics services to the real experts,
  • you may focus your attention and efforts on direct activity.


Middle-sized and bigger companies featuring considerable turnover of goods
and a short time limit for order completion.